There are so many reasons why real oak flooring is just as popular now as it was centuries ago. No other type of flooring comes close in terms of style, character, strength and durability. Whether you’re looking to add solid oak floorboards throughout your home or commercial property, you’re always guaranteed a unique style. The boards are made from one solid piece of hardwood so it’s a completely natural product and no two cuts are ever the same. Our floorboards are supplied tongue and grooved all round (fully end matched) and they have an exceptional planed finish so sanding is not normally necessary.

Another big advantage with oak flooring is that it’s ready to be finished in any way you choose. When installed correctly, they also provide exceptional acoustics so you won’t have to put up with annoying hollow sounds or vibrations. If you’re looking for flooring that not only adds value to you home but also offers an ageless quality, then real oak is the way to go. 


Why choose our real oak floorboards?


We have different grades to choose from depending on your unique requirements. Our solid European oak flooring illustrates the beautiful characteristic of homegrown oak, whilst they really are the genuine article, and not to be confused with North American white oak or cheap engineered flooring. They’ve been kiln dried to between approximately 8% - 12% moisture, but as is always the case, the longer you leave the boards in the room in which they are to be laid, the better they’ll acclimatise before fixing, minimising the potential for movement.


Our American real oak flooring is of the highest quality and available in two different grades; character and rustic. Whatever type you choose, both offer a few sound knots, face shakes, fillable defects, colour variations and slight imperfections, so plenty of personality throughout. The rustic boards take the character even further with larger sometimes unsound knots, worm holes, and sloping grains, so they’re ideal for large public spaces or large old fashioned buildings where an even bigger personality is required.


Real oak flooring and skirting delivered to your door


Flooring doesn’t just stop at the floorboards, to make the real oak flooring complete we offer a variety of solid oak skirting boards to choose between, depending on the design you’re looking to incorporate into your property. Our architrave boards also come in three different designs, but to get a better idea on the type of real oak flooring we can provide, please feel free to order samples from our website.


Having been in business since 1947, we’ve covered most areas of the UK with our nationwide deliveries and we have a large fleet of dedicated vehicles, each fitted with a crane for offloading. If you’d like to learn more about us, or would like to speak to us about our real oak flooring, please do not hesitate to call UK Sleepers today on 01536 267 107 or alternatively, you can email us at 


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