Timber Titan Landscaping Screws 200mm 200mm

Titmber Titan Landscaping Screws, specially designed for treated timber. 200mm.

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Our Timber Titan self-tapping and self-countersinking wood screws are ideal for most garden and landscaping purposes. The screws are designed specifically to pull large sections of timber together without the need for pre-drilling pilot holes.

These counter-sunk screws allow you to drill a clean cut wood funnel as a result of the screws having a large surface area. This leads to the screw being forced directly downwards, to give you a clean finish.

Not only do these screws have self-tapping and self countersinking abilities, they have also endured two thousand hours of salt-spray testing, allowing us to guarantee that we can provide you with a screw that is going to be durable as well as long lasting.

Available in range of quantities we are sure to be able to offer you the screws you require to complete any timber project.

A FREE drill bit is included with each pack.

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