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Railway Sleepers

UK Sleepers machine and supply a large range of both softwood hardwood railway sleepers, both treated and untreated according to customer requirements. Our range includes contemporary machined and moulded garden sleepers, rustic round edged and mini garden sleepers.

We can offer as few as a handful or as many as full artic loads! You will also find a full range of reclaimed sleepers in all shapes, sizes and treatments - without a doubt the most complete range in the UK!

Our reclaimed railway sleepers include: reclaimed softwood, reclaimed hardwood, reclaimed untreated tropical hardwood, reclaimed oak etc.

Our new gardening/landscaping railway sleepers include: New eco treated green sleepers and new eco treated brown softwood sleepers, new untreated English and European oak sleepers, new half oak sleepers (perfect for decking and many other garden uses), new untreated English larch railway sleepers, New untreated chestnut among others!

At UK Sleepers, we understand the need for using durable and long lasting materials against all weather elements. Our garden sleepers are made from handpicked timber so that they can be strong, firm and resistant to rotting as well as decay. So long as you maintain them properly, the sleepers will keep improving your garden over many years.

It should be noted that at UK Sleepers we are determined to bring eco-friendly solutions in gardens possible. We have various choices of green sourced garden sleepers including re-purposed ones among others. By going green with our products you can end up with beautiful outdoor space while minimizing your environmental impact on Earth’s sustainability; hence living responsible life now and laying ground work towards a better future tomorrow.

When it comes to creative landscaping, there is no limit where the use of garden sleepers is concerned. Aside from lovely raised flower beds for flowers or vegetable gardens, you can make marvelous retaining walls or terraces out of these units among other things available to offer more interesting perspectives due to their diversification in shape and form. Our customers also make unique arrangements like steps seats anything could play equipment amongst others using this material in particular. Just add some personal touch by turning it into yours through use of imagination making sure it meets its purpose as well.

We just love helping our clients get what they want in regards to their gardens at UK Sleepers. Our expert team is available for consultation anytime you need assistance when choosing the right sleepers for your project. We will help you know the quantity required, tell you what kind of sleeper is best suited for a given application and give advice on installation guidelines as well as maintenance tips among other things. Be confident that with us by your side, you can do it and achieve good results.

There are many reasons why we stand out from the crowd in terms of quality, environment conscious and customer satisfaction. Whether you are an experienced landscape artist or just a mere backyard enthusiast, our sleepers form the ultimate base for constructing a beautiful outdoor space that is practical at the same time. For more on how our garden sleepers can transform your garden into an impressive piece of art contact UK Sleepers today.


You can take advantage of our nationwide crane vehicle delivery service with this product.


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