Solid Oak Furniture

Solid Oak Furniture

Looking for oak furniture online? Look no further than the hand crafted items on sale here through UK Sleepers. We have a wide range of products available to choose from all made from genuine oak.

In this section of our store, you will find a selection of furniture items that are made from solid pieces of oak in our own traditional workshops.

Here you will find our most popular items: Lamp Stands (which also serve great as side tables or speaker stands) and also Oak Mantle Pieces which look amazing in a planed all round finish.

As these items are made to order, the lead time is around seven days for delivery by courier. If you have any further queries on the below product range, simply call us on 01536 267 107, or click below to buy today. 

Custom Cut Timber

Our products offer you inventive and cost-effective ways of customising your garden to give it a truly unique touch


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