Ecofire Boxed Oak Kindling Sticks

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Ecofire Kindling packaged in convenient boxes that make storing your kindling an easier task.

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Ecofire Boxed Kindling has many benefits over traditional nets, not least the cleanliness of the packaging and the fact that little if any sawdust is shed when taking the box indoors. 

Another benefit is that only kiln dried oak is used in Ecofire Boxed Kindling, kiln dried oak both lights easily and lasts for many times longer than softwood that is traditionally used in kindling nets. Kiln dried oak has a smell all of it's own as it burns and the longer burning characteristics give the fire a better chance of becoming established, negating the need for relighting a failed fire. 

Packed in an attractive storage box to stand by the fireplace that presents its eco- friendly credentials to all who see it. Easy to stack so takes up little space.

Packaging is made from 100% recycled cardboard, therefore the box can be burnt or used in conjunction with kindling or small pieces of briquette to start the fire.

Pack size: 330mm x 220mm x 200mm

Pack weight: Approx 4kg

Source: Wholesale Firewood    

Kindling sticks: Moisture content average 12%

Stick length 20cm  (+/- 10%)

Recommended: For lighting all wood burning appliances and barbeques


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